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October 6, 2016
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noun \ˈtrōv\


2: a valuable collection: TREASURE; also : HAUL, COLLECTION


Trove is for the treasure hunter, the antiquarian, the aesthete, and the devotee to good design and good living.

At Trove we reveal the histories behind our collection and dig beneath the superficial strata of each piece.

Wiping off the proverbial dust collected on the world of antiques, we hope to bring these fantastical curios and magnificent works of craftsmanship into the present.

Pulling back the velvet curtain which separates the layman from the intriguing world of decorative arts and décor, at Trove you will find news on the exciting events at The Antique And Artisan Gallery, see inspiring collaborations with up and coming interior designers, and learn how to incorporate these timeless bibelots into your lifestyle.

Whether you are an old hand to the world of interior design and collecting, or a green student of history and décor, follow us as we delve into this trove…



Written by Mallory O’Donoghue 

Graphics by Patricia Lesyk  

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